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Ardley, Barry (2005) Marketing managers and their life world: explorations in strategic planning using the phenomenological interview. The Marketing Review, 5 (2). pp. 111-127. ISSN 1472-1384

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Rizov, Marian (2005) Does individualization help the productivity of transition agriculture? Agricultural Economics, 33 (2). pp. 215-227. ISSN 0169-5150

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Book Section

Barnes, Ian G. and Randerson, Claire (2005) Enlargement and transient conditionality: the case of ethnicity. In: Europe on the move: the impact of eastern enlargement on the European Union. Region - Nation - Europa, 33 . Lit, Munster, pp. 87-100. ISBN 9783825889470

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Hingley, Martin (2005) Power imbalanced relationships: cases from UK fresh food supply. In: Retailing and Producer-retailer Relationships in the Food Chain. Emerald Group Publishing, Bingley, UK. ISBN 1845444418

Paper or Report

Atherton, Andrew and Frith, Kirk (2005) Creating an entrepreneurial region: exploring the entrepreneurial capacity of the East Midlands. Project Report. University of Lincoln.

Dennis, Charles and Newman, Andrew (2005) Modelling the effects of mall atmospherics on shoppers' approach behaviors [Brunel Business School Working Paper series: special issue on marketing, volume 2, 2005]. Working Paper. Brunel University.

Conference or Workshop contribution

Acevedo, B, and Valero Silva, Nestor (2005) A post-structuralist analysis of the discourses and practices regarding the reclassification of cannabis in the UK. In: 49th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences 2005, ISSS 2005, 1 - 5 July 2005, Cancun; Mexico.

Ardley, Barry (2005) Travels with the Flying Dutchman: marketing managers, marketing planning and the metaphors of practice. In: Academy of Marketing Annual conference, July 2005, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Bull, Adrian O. (2005) Mega or multi-mini? Comparing the value to a destination of different policies towards events. In: 3rd Deehan Tourism Management Conference, 2005, Nottingham.

Hitchin, Linda (2005) Management and its public: imagining management practices. In: Philosophy of Management, 6-10 July 2005, St. Anne's College, Oxford.

Mcmanus, John (2005) Future trends in informatics. In: 22nd Annual Conference in Health Informatics Shaping Sands, Shifting Services , 21st - 23rd March 2005, Harrogate.

Mendy, John and Elsmore, Peter (2005) Modelling organisational culture and change in the context of an empirical study. In: Standing Conference for Management & Organization Inquiry, April, 2005, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Book or Monograph

Mcmanus, John (2005) Managing stakeholders in software development projects. ELSEVIER. ISBN 9780750664554

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