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Adiseshiah, Sian (2012) I just die for some authority!: barriers to Utopia in Howard Brenton’s Greenland. Comparative Drama, 46 (1). pp. 41-55. ISSN 0010-4078

Adiseshiah, Sian (2012) Political returns on the twenty-first century stage: Caryl Churchill’s Far Away, Drunk Enough to Say I Love You? and Seven Jewish Children. C21 Literature: Journal of 21st-century Writings, 1 (1). pp. 99-117. ISSN 2045-5216

Armitt, Lucie (2012) Women writers in the haunted house of fiction. In: The fantastic. Critical insights . Salem Press / EBSCO Publishing. ISBN 1429837357

Armitt, Lucie (2012) The magical realism of the contemporary gothic. In: A new companion to the gothic. Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture . Blackwell, Oxford, pp. 510-522. ISBN 9781405198066


Brett, Martin and Smith, David M. and Hoskin, Philippa (2012) Facsimiles of English episcopal acta 1085-1305. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780197264560

Brewster, Scott (2012) Casting an eye: M. R. James at the edge of the frame. Gothic Studies, 14 (2). pp. 40-54. ISSN 1362-7937

Brewster, Scott (2012) Seeing things: gothic and the madness of reading. In: A New Companion to the Gothic. Blackwell, Oxford, pp. 481-495. ISBN 9781405198066


Charnock, Ruth (2012) Feeling intimate? Reading Anaïs Nin in the 1970s. In: Thinking Feeling, 2012, University of Sussex. (Unpublished)

Charnock, Ruth (2012) Joni Mitchell: music and feminism. United Academics: Journal of Social Sciences , 2 (12). pp. 90-107. ISSN UNSPECIFIED

Charnock, Ruth (2012) Nin, incest and the 1990s. In: Low Affects/High Stakes, University of Sussex. (Unpublished)

Charnock, Ruth (2012) 'Things ain’t what they used to be’: Marvin Gaye and the making of “What’s Going On”. United Academics: Journal of Social Sciences , 2 (13). pp. 88-100. ISSN UNSPECIFIED

Clayton, Owen (2012) The camera as historian: amateur photographers and historical imagination, 1885-1918, by Elizabeth Edwards [review of]. Victorian Review, 38 (2). pp. 139-141. ISSN 0848-1512

Cook, Daniel and Culley, Amy (2012) Women's life writing, 1700-1850: gender, genre and authorship. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9780230343078

Cowman, Krista (2012) Female suffrage in Great Britain. In: The Struggle for Female Suffrage in Europe. International Studies in Sociology and Social Anthropology . Brill, Leiden/Boston, pp. 273-289. ISBN 9789004224254

Culley, Amy (2012) Prying into the recesses of history: women writers and the court memoir. In: Women's life writing, 1700-1850: gender, genre and authorship. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 133-149. ISBN 9780230343078


Di Paola, Pietro (2012) La più forte e qualificata concentrazione di anarchici di tutte le nazionalità. Pietro Gori a Londra. In: Nostra Patria è il mondo intero. Pietro Gori nel movimento operaio e libertario italiano e internazionale. QuaderniRSA (5). BFS Edizioni, Pisa, pp. 131-142. ISBN 9788889413647


Edwards, Caroline (2012) Rethinking the Arcadian revenge: metachronous times in the fiction of Sam Taylor. Modern Fiction Studies, 58 (3). pp. 477-502. ISSN 0026-7724

Edwards, Caroline and Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Alluvium: Journal of 21st-Century Literary Criticism. [Project]

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. In: 1001 books to read before you die. Cassell Illustrated, London. ISBN 1844037401

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Academia is right to be wary of philanthropy. Guardian . ISSN 0261-3077

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) American postmodernist fiction and the past by Theophilus Savvas [review of]. Literature and History, 21 (2). pp. 106-108. ISSN 0306-1973

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Autosubversive practices in scholarly publishing. In: UKSG 35th Annual Conference, 26-28 March 2012, Glasgow. (Unpublished)

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Crypto-didacticism and theoretical ccconsiderations in Roberto Bolaño's 2666. In: Teaching Post-Millennial Literature, 2 July 2012, Brighton University. (Unpublished)

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Open access journals: are we asking the right questions? Guardian . ISSN 0261-3077

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) "Opening children's eyes": overloaded forms and the didactic function. In: English Literature Research Seminar, 28 November 2012, University of Westminster. (Unpublished)

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Pynchon is here: "The Cambridge companion to Thomas Pynchon" [review of]. Berfrois . ISSN UNSPECIFIED

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Pynchon now. In: Contemporary Fiction Research Seminar, 13 October 2012, Senate House, London. (Unpublished)

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Pynchon, philosophy, ethics. 3:AM Magazine . ISSN UNSPECIFIED

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Still here: post-millennial metafiction and crypto-didacticism. Alluvium, 1 (3). ISSN UNSPECIFIED

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Tear it down, build it up: the Research Output Team, or the library-as-publisher. Insights: the UKSG journal, 25 (2). pp. 158-162. ISSN 2048-7754

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Thomas Pynchon & the dark passages of history by David Cowart and Pynchon and relativity by Simon de Bourcier [review of]. Textual Practice, 26 (5). pp. 973-978. ISSN 0950-236X

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Thomas Pynchon, David Foster Wallace and the problems of 'metamodernism': post-millennial post-postmodernism? C21 Literature: Journal of 21st Century Writings, 1 (1). pp. 7-25. ISSN 2045-5224

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Thomas Pynchon, David Foster Wallace and twenty-first-century utopianism. In: What Happens Now? 21st Century Writing in English, 16-18 July 2012, University of Lincoln. (Unpublished)

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Thomas Pynchon, materialism and negative dialectics. In: Transforming Objects, 28-29 May 2012, Northumbria University. (Unpublished)

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) We shouldn't waste time teaching students basic IT skills. Guardian . ISSN 0261-3077

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Whose line is it anyway?: enlightenment, revolution, and ipseic ethics in the works of Thomas Pynchon. Textual Practice, 26 (5). pp. 921-939. ISSN 0950-236X

Eve, Martin Paul (2012) Why arts events and academia make a winning partnership. Guardian . ISSN 0261-3077

Eve, Martin Paul and Thomas, Samuel and Haynes, Doug and De Bourcier, Simon (2012) Preface. Orbit: Writing Around Pynchon, 1 (1). pp. 1-3. ISSN UNSPECIFIED


Field, Hannah (2012) 100 ways to make a Japanese house. Children's Literature Association Quarterly, 37 (2). pp. 153-63. ISSN 1553-1201

Field, Hannah (2012) 'All toys at first, I find': theorising the material culture of childhood in 'A Christmas Tree'. In: Dickens's signs, readers' designs: new bearings in Dickens criticism. Aracne, pp. 345-61. ISBN 9788854847675

Field, Hannah (2012) 'A story, exemplified in a series of figures': paper doll versus moral tale in the nineteenth century. Girlhood Studies, 5 (1). pp. 37-56. ISSN 1938-8209


Gray, Ann and Bell , Erin (2012) History on television. Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415580380, 9780415580397, 9780203074800


Hill, Kate (2012) Collecting and the body in late-Victorian and Edwardian museums. In: Bodies and things in nineteenth-century literature and culture. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9780230369382

Hill, Kate (2012) "He knows me...but not at the museum": women, natural history collecting and museums, 1880-1914. In: Narrating objects, collecting stories: essays in honour of Professor Susan M. Pearce. Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 184-195. ISBN 9780415692717, 9780203120125

Hill, Kate (2012) Museums and biographies: stories, objects, identities. Heritage Matters, 9 . Boydell and Brewer, Woodbridge. ISBN 9781843837275

Hoskin, Philippa (2012) Authors of bureaucracy: developing and creating administrative systems in English episcopal chanceries in the second half of the thirteenth century. In: Patrons and professionals in the middle ages: proceedings of the 2010 Harlaxton Symposium. Harlaxton Medieval Studies . Paul Watkins / Shaun Tyas, pp. 61-78. ISBN 1907730125, 9781907730122

Hoskin, Philippa (2012) Cantilupe's crusade? Walter de Cantilupe Bishop of Worcester and the baronial rebellion. Transactions of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society . pp. 91-102. ISSN UNSPECIFIED


Lent, Michael (2012) Spatial praxis: fragmentation and mobility towards a singular other. In: IV Cult - G. International Conference: Geographical Imaginations 2012, 27-28 September 2012, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal.

Liuzzo Scorpo, Antonella (2012) The king as subject, master and model of authority: the case of Alfonso X of Castile. In: “Every inch a King”: comparative studies on kings and kingship in the ancient and medieval worlds. Rulers & Elites (2). Brill, Leiden; Boston, pp. 269-284. ISBN 9789004228979


Redpath, Catherine and Dixon, John (2012) Ideology as wound: reading trauma in Cristian Mungui's '4 Months, 3 weeks and 2 days'. In: Models of, models for communication and journalism. Ars Docendi Press/University of Bucharest, Bucharest. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Roos, Anna Marie (2012) The Hawstead Panels: applied emblematics, Walter Ong, and the discourse of women in early modern England. In: Of Ong and media ecology: essays in communication, composition, and literary studies. Hampton Press, New York, pp. 197-212. ISBN 9781612890753

Roos, Anna Marie (2012) History comes to life. Notes and Records of the Royal Society, 66 (4). The Royal Society. ISBN 9780854036752

Roos, Anna Marie (2012) The art of science: a 'rediscovery' of the Lister copperplates. Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London, 66 (1). pp. 19-40. ISSN 0035-9149

Rowland, Antony (2012) I am a magenta stick. Salt modern poets . Salt Publishing. ISBN 9781844718627


Shinner, Peter (2012) Continuity in the age of reform: freemen & the persistence of the old order in 19th century Grimsby. Midland History, 37 (2). pp. 163-186. ISSN 0047-729X

Southey, Robert and Packer, Ian and Pratt, Lynda and Bolton, Carol (2012) Robert Southey: later poetical works, 1811-1838. Volume 1: shorter poems. The Pickering Masters . Pickering & Chatto, London. ISBN 9781851969593

Southey, Robert and Packer, Ian and Pratt, Lynda and White, Daniel E. and Fulford, Tim and Bolton, Carol (2012) Robert Southey: later poetical works, 1811-1838 [volume 1: shorter poems and volume 3: poems from the laureate period, 1813-1823]. The Pickering Masters . Pickering & Chatto, London. ISBN 9781851969593

Southey, Robert and Packer, Ian and Pratt, Lynda and White, Daniel E. and Fulford, Tim and Bolton, Carol (2012) Robert Southey: later poetical works, 1811-1838. Volume 3: poems from the laureate period, 1813-1823. The Pickering Masters . Pickering & Chatto, London. ISBN 9781851969593

Stephenson, P. A. (2012) Constantijn en de monumentalisering van Constantinopel. In: Constantijn de Grote: traditie en verandering. Vantilt, Nijmegen, pp. 134-155. ISBN 9789460040962

Stephenson, P. A. (2012) Identities and allegiances in the Eastern Mediterranean after 1204 [by Judith Herrin]. [Review]

Stephenson, P. A. (2012) Religious services for Byzantine soldiers and the possibility of martyrdom, c. 400- c. 1000. In: Just Wars, Holy Wars, and Jihads. Christian, Jewish, Muslim encounters and exchanges. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 25-46. ISBN 9780199755042


Wood, Jamie (2012) Playing the fame game: bibliography, celebrity, and primacy in late antique Spain. Journal of Early Christian Studies, 20 (4). pp. 613-640. ISSN 1067-6341

Wood, Jamie (2012) The politics of identity in Visigothic Spain: religion and power in the histories of Isidore of Seville. Brill's Series on the Early Middle Ages . Brill, Leiden. ISBN 9789004209909

Woolley, Agnes (2012) 'Camps' the world over: questioning the legitimacy. Open Democracy . ISSN UNSPECIFIED

Woolley, Agnes (2012) Migrants and the state: an exclusive national family? Open Democracy . ISSN UNSPECIFIED

Woolley, Agnes (2012) Outsourcing responsibilities: Australia's punitive asylum regime. Open Democracy . ISSN UNSPECIFIED

Woolley, Agnes (2012) Questioning narrative authenticity in Kay Adshead’s The Bogus Woman. Moving Worlds: a Journal of Transcultural Writings, 12 (2). pp. 30-41. ISSN 1474-4600

Woolley, Agnes (2012) "Something blurred in her?": imagining hospitality in Graham Swift’s The Light of Day. Textual Practice, 26 (3). pp. 449-465. ISSN 0950-236X

Woolley, Agnes (2012) The politics of myth making: 'Beasts of the Southern Wild'. Open Democracy . ISSN UNSPECIFIED

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