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Adams, Paul and Boldyreff, Cornelia (2005) Tool support for the effective distribution of agile practice (extended abstract). In: PhD Symposium, XP2005, 22 June 2005, Sheffield, England.

Adams, Paul and Boldyreff, Cornelia (2005) Towards supporting agile practice within the Libre software paradigm. In: PhD Symposium, OSS2005, 14 July 2005, Genova, Italy.

Adams, Paul, Boldyreff, Cornelia, Nutter, David and Rank, Stephen (2005) Adaptive reuse of Libre software systems for supporting on-line collaboration. In: 5th Workshop on Open Source Software Engineering, 17 May 2005, ICSE '05, St. Louis, MO, USA.

Adams, Paul, Boldyreff, Cornelia, Nutter, David and Rank, Stephen (2005) Using Plone to support collaborative research. In: OSS2005, 14 July 2005, Genova, Italy.

Adams, Paul, Nutter, David, Rank, Stephen and Boldyreff, Cornelia (2005) Using open source tools to support collaboration within CALIBRE. In: 1st Interational Conference on Open Source Systems, 11-15 July 2005, Genova, Italy.

Adams, Paul J and Boldyreff, Cornelia (2005) Towards the effective distribution of agile practice. University of Lincoln.

Al-Diri, Bashir and Hunter, Andrew (2005) A ribbon of twins for extracting vessel boundaries. In: The 3rd European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference EMBEC'05, 20-25 Nov 2005, Prague, Czech Republic.

Andreasson, H., Treptow, A. and Duckett, T. (2005) Localization for mobile robots using panoramic vision, local features and particle filter. In: 2005 IEEE International Converence on Robotics and Automation: ICRA - 2005, 18 - 22 April 2005, Barcelona, Spain.

Appiah, Kofi, Hunter, Andrew and Kluge, Tino (2005) GW4: An FPGA-driven image segmentation algorithm. In: 5th WSEAS International Conference on SIGNAL, SPEECH and IMAGE PROCESSING (WSEAS SSIP'05), 17-19 August 2005, Corfu Island, Greece.

Appiah, Kofi and Andrew, Hunter (2005) Digital signal processing: the impact of convergence on education, society and design flow. In: International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society, 18-20 February 2005, University of California, Berkeley, USA.

Appiah, Kofi and Hunter, Andrew (2005) A single-chip FPGA implementation of real-time adaptive background model. In: IEEE 2005 Conference on Field-Programmable Technology (FPT' 05), December 11-14, 2005, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

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Bac, Christian, Berger, Olivier, Deborde, Véronique and Hamet, Benoît (2005) Why and how to contribute to libre software when you integrate them into an in-house application ? Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Open Source Systems . pp. 113-118.

Bauckhage, Christian, Hanheide, Marc, Wrede, Sebastian, Kaster, Thomas, Pfeiffer, Michael and Sagerer, Gerhard (2005) Vision systems with the human in the loop. EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing, 14 . pp. 2375-2390. ISSN 1110-8657

Benford, Steve, Rowland, Duncan, Flintham, Martin, Drozd, Adam, Hull, Richard, Reid, Josephine, Morrison, Jo and Facer, Keri (2005) Life on the edge: supporting collaboration in location-based experiences. In: Proceedings of Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Portland, OR, USA April 2-7 2005. SIGCHI . The Association for Computing Machinery, New York, USA, pp. 721-730. ISBN 1581139985

Benford, Steve, Seager, Will, Flintham, Martin, Anastasi, Rob, Rowland, Duncan, Humble, Jan, Stanton, Danae, Bowers, John, Tandavanitj, Nick, Adams, Matt, Row Farr, Ju, Oldroyd, Amanda and Sutton, Jon (2005) The error of our ways: the experience of self-reported position in a location-based game. In: UbiComp 2004: ubiquitous computing : 6th international conference, Nottingham, UK, September 7-10, 2004 : proceedings. UbiComp (04). Springer, pp. 70-87. ISBN 9783540229551

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Bhanja, Sanjukta and Srivastava, Saket (2005) Bayesian modeling of quantum-dot-cellular-automata circuits. In: NSTI Nanotechnology Conference 2005e, 8 - 12 May 2005, Anaheim.

Biber, P., Fleck, S. and Duckett, T. (2005) 3D modeling of indoor environments for a robotic security guard. In: IEEE CVPR Workshop on Advanced 3D Imaging for Safety and Security (A3DISS 2005), 21-23 Sept 2005, San Diego, CA, USA.

Biber, Peter and Duckett, Tom (2005) Dynamic maps for long-term operation of mobile service robots. In: Robotics: Science and Systems 2005 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 8 - 11 June 2005, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Biber, Peter, Fleck, Sven, Busch, Florian, Wand, Michael, Duckett, Tom and Strasser, Wolfgang (2005) 3D modeling of indoor environments by a mobile platform with a laser scanner and panoramic camera. In: 13th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2005), 4 - 8 September 2005, Antalya, Turkey.

Bidaut, Luc (2005) Multimodality and advanced biomedical imaging for clinical and research applications. In: OCS (Optical Complex Systems) 2005 International Conference, 24th-27th October 2005, Marseille, France.

Bidaut, Luc (2005) Pulmonary compliance imaging in rodents. In: Proc 3rd IASTED International Conference, "Biomech 2005", 7th-9th September 2005, Benidorm,.

Bidaut, Luc (2005) Validation of GATE Monte Carlo simulations of the noise equivalent count rate and image quality of the GE Discovery LS PET scanner. In: RAMPS - Young Investigators Symposium, 15th March 2005, New York, USA.

Bidaut, Luc (2005) Validation of GATE Monte Carlo simulations of the noise equivalent count rate and image quality of the GE Discovery LS PET scanner. In: AAPM 47th Annual Meeting;, 24th-28th July 2005, Seattle, USA.

Böttcher, Jens (2005) The quality of sustainability and the nature of open source software. Faculty of Technology.


Cobham, D.C. and Doughty, M. (2005) Observations on developing undergraduate games computing curricula. In: 4th Annual Conference on IT in Education, 31 May - 1 June 2005, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Curtis, G.A. and Cobham, D.C. (2005) Business information systems: analysis, design and practice [5th edition]. Prentice Hall, Harlow, Essex, UK. ISBN 0273687921

Cutsuridis, Vassilis, Kahramanoglou, Ioannis, Perantonis, Stavros, Evdokimidis, Ioannis and Smyrnis, Nikolaos (2005) A biophysical model of decision making in an antisaccade task through variable climbing activity. In: Artificial Neural Networks: Biological Inspirations – ICANN 2005, 11 - 15 September 2005, Warsaw, Poland.


Dawid, Weiss (2005) Quantitative analysis of open source projects on SourceForge. In: The First International Conference on Open Source Systems (OSS 2005), Genova, Italy.

Dickinson, Patrick, Appiah, Kofi, Hunter, Andrew and Ormston, Stephen (2005) An FPGA-based infant monitoring system. In: IEEE Conference on Field Programmable Technology, 11-14 Dec 2005, Singapore.

Dickinson, Patrick and Hunter, Andrew (2005) Scene modelling using an adaptive mixture of Gaussians in colour and space. In: IEEE Conference on Advanced Video and Signal based Surveillance, 15-15 Sept 2005, Como, Italy.

Dindoyal, I., Lambrou, Tryphon, Deng, J., Ruff, C. F., Linney, A. D., Rodeck, C. H. and Todd-Pokropek, A. (2005) Level set segmentation of the fetal heart. In: Third International Workshop, FIMH 2005, June 2-4, 2005, Barcelona, Spain.

Doughty, M.A. and O'Coill, C (2005) Computer game technology, collaborative software environments and participatory design. In: IADIS International Conference: Web Based Communities 2005, 23-25 February 2005, Algarve, Portugal.


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Fraser, D. S., Smith, H., Tallyn, E., Kirk, D., Benford, S., Rowland, D., Paxton, M., Price, S. and Fitzpatrick, G. (2005) The SENSE project: a context-inclusive approach to studying environmental science within and across schools. In: Conference of International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning 2005, 30 May 2005 - 4 June 2005, Taipei, Taiwan.

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Gabbai, J. M. E., Hujun, Y., Wright, W. A. and Allinson, Nigel (2005) Self-organization, emergence and multi-agent systems. In: International Conference on Neural Networks and Brain, 2005 ICNN&B '05, 13-15 October 2005, Beijing.


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Hanheide, Marc, Bauckhage, Christian and Sagerer, Gerhard (2005) Combining environmental cues & head gestures to interact with wearable devices. In: 7th international conference on Multimodal interfaces, October 4�6 2005, Trento, Italy..

Hodgson, Tom (2005) Using audio visuals to illustrate concepts. In: PGCE workshop University of Huddersfield, 04 Jul - 07 Jul 2005, Huddersfield, UK.

Hunter, Andrew, Lowell, James, Ryder, Robert, Basu, Ansu and Steel, David (2005) Tram-Line filtering for retinal vessel segmentation. In: 3rd European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference, 20-24 November 2005, Prague, Czech Republic.


Kim, Hyoseob and Boldyreff, Cornelia (2005) Open source ERP for SMEs. In: ICMR 2005, 6-8 Sept 2005, Cranfield University, U.K..

Kucukyilmaz, Ayse and Ozguc, Bulent (2005) An animation system for fracturing of rigid objects. In: Yolum ., Güngör T., Gürgen F., Özturan C. (eds) Computer and Information Sciences - ISCIS 2005. ISCIS 2005. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3733 . ISSN 0302-9743


Martinez Mozos, Oscar (2005) Supervised learning of places from range data using adaboost. Masters thesis, University of Freiburg, Germany.

Martinez Mozos, Oscar, Stachniss, Cyrill and Burgard, Wolfram (2005) Supervised learning of places from range data using AdaBoost. In: IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 18-22 April 2005, Barcelona.

Martinez-Marin, T. and Duckett, T. (2005) Fast reinforcement learning for vision-guided mobile robots. In: 2005 IEEE International Converence on Robotics and Automation: ICRA - 2005, 18 - 22 April 2005, Barcelona, Spain.

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Nutter, David (2005) Self archiving of research output. Department of Computing and Informatics, Lincoln, UK.

Nutter, David and Boldyreff, Cornelia (2005) Evaluation of an awareness distribution mechanism: a simulation approach. In: WETICE 2005 - Evaluating Collaborative Information Systems and Support For Virtual Enterprises, 13-15 Jun 2005, Linkoping, Sweden.


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Rank, Stephen (2005) Architectural reflection for software evolution. In: 2nd ECOOP Workshop on Reflection, AOP and Meta-Data for Software Evolution, 25 Jul 2005, Glasgow, UK.

Rank, Stephen, Boldyreff, Cornelia, Nutter, David, Kyaw, Phyo and Lavery, Janet (2005) Support for collaborative component-based software engineering. In: Advances in UML/XML based Software Evolution. IDEA Group Publishing, Hershey, PA. ISBN 1591406226

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Wachsmuth, Sven, Hanheide, Marc, Wrede, Sebastian and Bauckhage, Christian (2005) From images via symbols to contexts: using augmented reality for interactive model acquisition. In: KI 2005 Workshop on Mixed-reality as a Challenge to Image Understanding and Artificial Intelligence, September 11 - 14, 2005, Koblenz, Germany.

Wachsmuth, Sven, Wrede, Sebastian, Hanheide, Marc and Bauckhage, Christian (2005) An active memory model for cognitive computer vision systems. KI - Künstliche Intelligenz, 19 (2). pp. 25-31. ISSN 0933-1875

Weiss, Dawid (2005) Measuring success of open source projects using web search engines. In: The First International Conference on Open Source Systems (OSS 2005), Genova, Italy.

Wilkinson, G.G. and Cobham, David C. (2005) Research issues in constructing geographic ontologies for environmental data discovery and exploitation. In: The 11th EC GIS Workshop: “ESDI: Setting the Framework”, 29 June - 1 July 2005, Alghero, Sardinia, Italy.


Yue, Shigang and Henrich, Dominik (2005) Manipulating deformable linear objects: Sensor-based skills of adjustment motions for vibration reduction. Journal of robotic systems, 22 (2). pp. 67-85. ISSN 1097-4563

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