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Al-Diri, Bashir and Sharieh, Ahmad and Hudaib, Taghread (2002) A database for Arabic speech recognition ARABIC_D. Technical Report. The University of Jordan.

Allinson, Nigel and Yin, Hujun and Obermayer, Klaus (2002) Introduction: new developments in self-organising maps. Neural Networks, 15 (8-9). p. 943. ISSN 0893-6080


Bidaut, Luc (2002) Design and implementation of a flexible PACS interface for clinical research applications. In: RSNA 88th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, infoRAD exhibit & theater presentation, 1st-6th December, Chicago, USA.

Bidaut, Luc (2002) Multidetector CT evaluation of malignant biliary obstruction. In: RSNA 88th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, 1st-6th December, Chicago, USA.

Björk, Staffan and Holopainen, Jussi and Ljungstrand, Peter and Åkesson, Karl-Petter (2002) Designing ubiquitous computing games – a report from a workshop exploring ubiquitous computing entertainment. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 6 (5). pp. 443-458. ISSN 1617-4909

Boldyreff, Cornelia (2002) Determination and evaluation of web accessibility. In: 11th IEEE International Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE 2002), 10-12 Jun 2002, Pittsburgh, USA.

Boldyreff, Cornelia and Kyaw, Phyo and Lavery, Janet and Nutter, David and Rank, Stephen (2002) Towards collaborative learning via shared artefacts over the Grid. In: 1st LEGE-WG International Workshop on Educational Models for GRID Based Services, 16 September 2002, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Boldyreff, Cornelia and Nutter, David and Rank, Stephen (2002) Active artefact management for distributed software engineering. In: COMPSAC 02, 26-29 Aug 2002, Oxford, England.

Boldyreff, Cornelia and Nutter, David and Rank, Stephen (2002) Architectural requirements for an open source component and artefact repository system within GENESIS. In: Open Source Software Development Workshop, 25-26 Feb 2002, Newcastle, England.

Boldyreff, Cornelia and Nutter, David and Rank, Stephen (2002) Open-source artefact management. In: International Conference on Software Engineering 2002, 19-25 May 2002, Orlando, Florida, USA.


Duckett, Tom and Marsland, S. and Shapiro, J. (2002) Fast, on-line learning of globally consistent maps. Autonomous Robots, 12 (3). pp. 287-300. ISSN 1573-7527


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Fernandez, Eduardo and Alfaro, Arantxa and Tormos, Jose Maria and Climent, Raquel and Martinez Mozos, Oscar and Martinez, Montse and Pascual-Leone, Alvaro (2002) Neurophysiological evaluation of visual cortex excitability using image-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science (IOVS), 43 (12). e4485. ISSN 0146-0404

Freeman, R. and Yin, Hujin and Allinson, Nigel (2002) Self-organising maps for tree view based hierarchical document clustering. In: 2002 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN '02), 12-17 May 2002, Honolulu, HI; United States.


Hakman, A. Wan and Hunter, Andrew and Dunne, Peter (2002) Autonomous agent models of stock markets. Artificial Intelligence Review, 17 (2). pp. 87-128. ISSN 1573-7462

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Hunter, Andrew (2002) Expression inference - genetic symbolic classification integrated with non-linear coefficient optimisation. In: Joint International Conferences, AISC 2002 & Calculemus 2002, 1-5 July 2002, Marseilles, France.

Hunter, Andrew (2002) Using Multiobjective Genetic Programming to Infer Logistic Polynomial Regression Models [and] Experimental Supplement. In: 15th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2002, 21-26 July 2002, Lyon, France.

Hunter, Andrew and Kennedy, Richard Lee (2002) A Pareto Self-Organizing Map. In: International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, 27-30 August 2002, Madrid, Spain.


Lawson, Shaun W. and Pretlove, John R. G. and Wheeler, Alison C. and Parker, Graham A. (2002) Augmented reality as a tool to aid the telerobotic exploration and characterization of remote environments. Presence: Teleoperators & Virtual Environments, 11 (4). pp. 352-367. ISSN 1531-3263


Nutter, David and Boldyreff, Cornelia and Rank, Stephen (2002) Towards an artefact repository for collaboration on the grid. In: Euroweb 2002, Oxford, UK.


Owens, Jonathan and Hunter, Andrew and Fletcher, Eric (2002) Novelty detection in video surveillance using hierarchical neural networks. In: ICANN, 27-30 August 2002, Madrid, Spain.

Owens, Jonathan and Hunter, Andrew and Fletcher, Eric (2002) A fast model-free morphology-based object tracking algorithm. In: British Machine Vision Conference 2002, 2nd-5th September 2002, University of Cardiff.


Pokric, Boris and Allinson, Nigel and Ryan, Anthony J. and Fairclough, Patrick and Dobson, Barry R. and Derbyshire, Gareth E. and Helsby, William and Long, Graham and Moon, Kevin (2002) A double area detector system for simultaneous small and wide-angle X-ray scattering. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research. Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 477 (1-3). pp. 329-334. ISSN 0168-9002

Pokric, Maja and Allinson, Nigel (2002) Testing of gadolinium oxy-sulphide phosphors for use in CCD-based X-ray detectors for macromolecular crystallography. In: 5th International Conference on Position-Sensitive Detectors PSD-5 1999, 13-17 September 1999, London.

Pokric, Maja and Allinson, Nigel M. and Jorden, A. R. and Cox, M. P. and Marshall, A. and Long, P. G. and Moon, K. and Jerram, P. and Pool, P. and Nave, C. and Derbyshire, G. E. and Helliwell, J. R. (2002) Large area high-resolution CCD-based X-ray detector for macromolecular crystallography. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 477 . pp. 166-171. ISSN 0168-9002


Rank, Stephen (2002) A reflective architecture to support dynamic software evolution. PhD thesis, University of Durham.

Rhode, Kawal and Lambrou, Tryphon and Seifalian, Alexander M. and Hawkes, David J. (2002) In-vitro validation of a novel model-based approach to the measurement of arterial blood flow waveforms from dynamic digital x-ray images. In: SPIE Conference of Medical Imaging 2002, 24 - 26 February 2002, San Diego, CA.

Rowland, Duncan and Biocca, Frank (2002) Evolutionary cooperative design methodology: the Genetic Sculpture Park. Leonardo, 35 (2). pp. 193-196. ISSN 1530-9282


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Ye, Xujiong and Noble, Alison and Atkinson, David (2002) 3-D freehand echocardiography for automatic left ventricle reconstruction and analysis based on multiple acoustic windows. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 21 (9). pp. 1051-1058. ISSN 0278-0062

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