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Aureli, Filippo and Shaffner, Colleen M. and Verpooten, Jan and Slater, Kathryn and Ramos-Fernandez, Gabriel (2006) Raiding parties of male spider monkeys: insights into human warfare? American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 131 (4). p. 486. ISSN 1096-8644

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Mills, Daniel Simon and Ramos, Daniela and Estelles, Marta Gandia and Hargrave, Claire (2006) A triple blind placebo-controlled investigation into the assessment of the effect of Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) on anxiety related behaviour of problem dogs in the veterinary clinic. Applied animal behaviour science, 98 (1-2). pp. 114-126. ISSN 0168-1591

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Pincheira-Donoso, Daniel (2006) Liolaemus confusus, a new lizard species from the Coastal Mountains of Central Chile (Sauria, Liolaeminae): phenotypic and cytogenetic evidence. Boletin del Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Chile, 55 . pp. 75-86. ISSN UNSPECIFIED

Ruta, Marcello and Bolt, John R. (2006) A reassessment of the temnospondyl amphibian Perryella olsoni from the Lower Permian of Oklahoma. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences, 97 (2). pp. 113-165. ISSN 1755-6910

Ruta, Marcello and Clack, Jennifer A. (2006) A review of Silvanerpeton miripedes, a stem amniote from the Lower Carboniferous of East Kirkton, West Lothian, Scotland. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences, 97 (1). pp. 31-63. ISSN 1755-6910

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Book Section

Mills, D. and Luescher, A. (2006) Veterinary and pharmacological approaches to abnormal repetitive behaviour. In: Stereotypic animal behaviour: fundamentals and applications to welfare [2nd ed.]. CABI Publishing, pp. 286-324. ISBN 0851990045, 9780851990040

Conference or Workshop Item

Amenitsch, H. and Cojoc, D. and Rappolt, M. and Sartori, B. and Laggner, P. and Ferrari, Enrico and Garbin, V. and Burghammer, M. and Riekel, C. and Di Fabrizio, E. (2006) Optical tweezers for sample fixing in micro‐diffraction experiments. In: Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation: Ninth International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation, 8 May-2 June 2006, Daegu, Korea.

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Emiliani, Valentina and Cojoc, Dan and Ferrari, Enrico and Garbin, Valeria and Durieux, Christiane and Di Fabrizio, Enzo (2006) Wavefront engineering microscopy to study 3D mechanotransduction in living cells. In: Nanophotonics , 3-5 April 2006, Strasbourg, France.

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Iimura, Kumiko (2006) The nature of noise fear in domestic dogs. Masters thesis, University of Lincoln.

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