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Albentosa, M. J. and Cooper, J. J. (2004) Effects of cage height and stocking density on the frequency of comfort behaviours performed by laying hens housed in furnished cages. Animal welfare, 13 (4). pp. 419-424. ISSN 0962-7286

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Book Section

Baron, Mark (2004) Arson Residues. In: Encyclopedia of analytical sciences. Elsevier. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

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Paper or Report

Dunn, Jenny and Thomas, Rebecca and Sheehan, Danae and Issa, Aly and Issa, Oumar (2004) Trichomonas galllinae infection in European turtle doves Streptopelia turtur in Africa and potential for transmission among co-occurring African columbiformes. Other. British Ornithologists' Union.

Conference or Workshop contribution

Cojoc, Dan and Emiliani, Valentina and Ferrari, Enrico and Garbin, Valeria and Di Fabrizio, Enzo (2004) Dynamic multiple beads manipulation on x-y-z directions. In: Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation, 2-6 August 2004, Denver, Colorado.

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Book or Monograph

Deeming, Charles (2004) Reptilian incubation: behaviour and environment. Nottingham University Press, Nottingham. ISBN 1897676344

Hall, Stephen J. G. (2004) Livestock biodiversity : animal genetic resources for the farming of the future. Blackwell, Oxford. ISBN 0632054999

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