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Abbas, Andrea (2011) Higher education. In: Sage encyclopedia of consumer culture. Sage. ISBN 0872896013, 9780872896017

Abrahams, Ian, Reiss, Michael J. and Sharpe, Rachael (2011) Getting practical: Improving Practical Work in Science (IPWiS) project: the evaluation. School Science Review, 92 (342). pp. 37-44. ISSN 0036-6811)

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McGrew, Ken (2011) A review of class-based theories of student resistance in education: mapping the origins and influence of Learning to Labor by Paul Willis. Review of Educational Research, 81 (2). pp. 234-266. ISSN 0034-6543

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Sharpe, Rachael (2011) Magnetic fields. In: Performing science: teaching chemistry, physics and biology through drama. Continuum, London. ISBN 9781441160713

Sharpe, Rachael (2011) The solar system. In: Performing science: teaching chemistry, physics and biology through drama. Continuum. ISBN 9781441160713

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Winn, Joss and Neary, Mike (2011) Hackers are vital to the university culture of openness and innovation. The Guardian.

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