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Gill, Andrew, Jennings, Keith R., Wyttenbach, Thomas and Bowers, Michael T. (2000) Conformations of biopolymers in the gas phase: a new mass spectrometric method. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 195-19 . pp. 685-697. ISSN 1387-3806

Gill, Andrew, Ritchie, M. A., Hunt, L. G., Steane, S. E., Davies, K. G., Bocking, S. P., Rhie, A. G. O., Bennett, A. D. and Hope, J. (2000) Post-translational hydroxylation at the N-terminus of the prion protein reveals presence of PPII structure in vivo. The EMBO Journal, 19 (20). pp. 5324-5331. ISSN 0261-4189

Griffinn, L. R. and Thomas, C. J. (2000) The spatial distribution and size of rook ( Corvus frugilegus ) breeding colonies is affected by both the distribution of foraging habitat and by intercolony competition. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences, 267 (1451). pp. 1463-1467. ISSN 0962-8452

Lindsay, S.W. and Thomas, C.J. (2000) Mapping and estimating the population at risk from lymphatic filariasis in Africa. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 94 (1). pp. 37-45. ISSN 0035-9203

Petty, S.J., Lambin, X., Sherratt, T.N., Thomas, C.J., Mackinnon, J.L., Coles, C.F., Davison, M. and Little, B. (2000) Spatial synchrony in field vole Microtus agrestis abundance in a coniferous forest in northern England: the role of vole-eating raptors. Journal of Applied Ecology, 37 (s1). pp. 136-147. ISSN 0021-8901

Sherratt, T.N., Lambin, X., Petty, S.J., Mackinnon, J.L., Coles, C.F. and Thomas, C.J. (2000) Use of coupled oscillator models to understand synchrony and travelling waves in populations of the field vole Microtus agrestis in northern England. Journal of Applied Ecology, 37 (s1). pp. 148-158. ISSN 0021-8901

Thomas, C.J. and Lindsay, S.W. (2000) Local-scale variation in malaria infection amongst rural Gambian children estimated by satellite remote sensing. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 94 (2). pp. 159-163. ISSN 0035-9203

Twiss, Sean D., Caudron, Abigail, Pomeroy, Paddy P., Thomas, Christopher J. and Mills, Jon P. (2000) Finescale topographical correlates of behavioural investment in offspring by female grey seals, Halichoerus grypus. Animal Behaviour, 59 (2). pp. 327-338. ISSN 0003-3472

Twiss, Sean D., Pomeroy, Paddy P., Thomas, Christopher J. and Mills, Jon P. (2000) Remote Estimation of Grey Seal Length, Width, and Body Mass from Aerial Photography. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, 66 (7). p. 859. ISSN 0099-1112

Book Section

Huntley, B, Baxter, R, Cramer, W, Dean, AM, Eronen, M, Evans, SP, Hofgaard, A, Hulme, PE, Hytteborn, H, Molau, U, Oksanen, L, Olofsson, J, Sælthun, N-R, Seppä, H, Sjögersten, S, Thomas, CJ, Venevski, S and Wookey, PA (2000) DART: Dynamic response of the forest-tundra ecotone to environmental change. In: Terrestrial Ecosystem Research in Europe: successes, challenges and policy. Directorate-General for Research, pp. 162-165. ISBN UNSPECIFIED


Nestec, S.A. (2000) Process for decreasing the discolouration of vegetables. .

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