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Nishii, Ryuichi and Tong, William and Wendt III, Richard and Soghomonyan, Suren and Mukhopadhyay, Uday and Balatoni, Julius and Mawlawi, Osama and Bidaut, Luc and Tinkey, Peggy and Borne, Agatha and Alauddin, Mian and Gonzalez-LeperaBijun, Carlos and Yang, Bijun and YangJuri, G. (2012) Pharmacokinetics, metabolism, biodistribution, radiation dosimetry, and toxicology of 18F-fluoroacetate ( 18F-FACE) in non-human primates. Molecular Imaging and Biology, 14 (2). pp. 213-224. ISSN 1536-1632

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Belousova, Natalya and Mikheeva, Galina and Xiong, Chiyi and Soghomonian, Suren and Young, Daniel and Le Roux, Lucia and Naff, Katherine and Bidaut, Luc and Wei, Wei and Li, Chun and Gelovani, Juri and Krasnykh, Victor (2010) Development of a targeted gene vector platform based on simian adenovirus serotype 24. Journal of Virology, 84 (19). pp. 10087-10101. ISSN 0022-538X

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Lu, Jing and Steeg, Patricia S. and Price, Janet E. and Krishnamurthy, Savitri and Mani, Sendurai A. and Reuben, James and Cristofanilli, Massimo and Dontu, Gabriela and Bidaut, Luc and Valero, Vincente and Hortobagyi, Gabriel N. and Yu, Dihua (2009) Breast cancer metastasis: challenges and opportunities. Cancer Research, 69 (12). pp. 4951-4953. ISSN 0008-5472

Armato III, S. G. and Meyer, C. R. and McNitt-Gray, M. F. and McLennan, G. and Reeves, A. P. and Croft, B. Y. and Clarke, L. P. and Bidaut, Luc (2008) The Reference Image Database to Evaluate Response to therapy in lung cancer (RIDER) project: a resource for the development of change-analysis software. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 84 (4). pp. 448-456. ISSN 0009-9236

Piotin, M. and Gailloud, P. and Bidaut, L. and Mandai, S. and Muster, M. and Morei, J. and Rufenacht, D. A. (2003) CT angiography, MR angiography and rotational digital subtraction angiography for volumetric assessment of intracranial aneurysms: an experimental study. Neuroradiology, 45 (6). pp. 404-409. ISSN 0028-3940

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De la Fuente, Jose Manuel and Lotstra, Francoise and Goldman, Serge and Biver, Francoise and Luxen, Andre and Bidaut, Luc and Stanus, Etienne and Mendlewicz, Julien (1994) Temporal glucose metabolism in borderline personality disorder. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 55 (4). pp. 237-245. ISSN 0925-4927

Book Section

Bidaut, Luc and Jannin, Pierre (2008) Biomedical multimodality imaging for clinical and research applications: principles, techniques and validation biomedical multimodality imaging. In: Molecular imaging: computer reconstruction and practice. NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics . Springer, pp. 249-281. ISBN 9781402087516

Conference or Workshop contribution

Tao, Guozhi and Singh, Ashish and Bidaut, Luc (2010) Liver segmentation from registered multiphase CT data sets with EM clustering and GVF level set. In: Medical Imaging 2010: Image Processing, 14 - 16 February 2010, San Diego, California, USA.

Bidaut, Luc (2010) Multimodality and advanced biomedical imaging for clinical and research applications. In: ASME 2010 First Global Congress on NanoEngineering for Medicine and Biology, 7 - 10 February 2010, Houston, Texas, USA.

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