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Player, A, Abrams, D, Van de Vyver, J, Meleady, R, Leite, A.C., Randsley de Moura, G and Hopthrow, T (2018) “We aren’t idlers”: Using subjective group dynamics to promote prosocial driver behavior at long-wait stops. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 48 (11). pp. 643-648. ISSN 1559-1816

Van de Vyver, Julie and Abrams, Dominic (2018) The arts as a catalyst for human prosociality and cooperation. Social Psychological and Personality Science . ISSN 1948-5506

Van de vyver, Julie, Abrams, Dominic, Hopthrow, Tim, Purewal, Kiran, Randsley de Moura, Georgina, Meleady, Rose, UNSPECIFIED and UNSPECIFIED (2018) Motivating the selfish to stop idling: self-interest cues can improve environmentally relevant driver behaviour. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 54 . pp. 79-85. ISSN 1369-8478

Van de vyver, Julie, Leite, A. C., Abrams, D and Palmer, S. B. (2018) Brexit or bremain? A person and social analysis of voting decisions in the EU referendum. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 28 (2). pp. 65-79. ISSN 1052-9284

Meleady, Rose, Abrams, Dominic, Van de vyver, Julie, Hopthrow, Tim, Mahmood, Lynsey, Player, Abigail, Lamont, Ruth and Leite, Ana C. (2017) Surveillance or self-surveillance? Behavioral cues can increase the rate of drivers’ pro-environmental behavior at a long wait stop. Environment and Behavior, 49 (10). pp. 1156-1172. ISSN 0013-9165

Van de Vyver, Julie and John, Peter (2017) A field experiment: testing the potential of norms for achieving behaviour change in English parishes. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 47 (2). pp. 347-352. ISSN 0021-9029

Abrams, Dominic, Palmer, Sally B., Van de Vyver, Julie, Hayes, Daniel, Delaney, Katrina, Guarella, Sophie and Purewal, Kiran (2017) Adolescents' judgments of doubly deviant peers: implications of intergroup and intragroup dynamics for disloyal and overweight group members. Social Development, 26 (2). pp. 310-328. ISSN 0961-205X

Van de Vyver, Julie and Abrams, Dominic (2017) Is moral elevation an approach-oriented emotion? The Journal of Positive Psychology, 12 (2). pp. 178-185. ISSN 1743-9760

Van de Vyver, J., Houston, D. M., Abrams, D. and Vasiljevic, M. (2016) Boosting belligerence: how the July 7, 2005, London bombings affected Liberals' moral foundations and prejudice. Psychological Science, 27 (2). pp. 169-177. ISSN 0956-7976

Abrams, Dominic, Van de Vyver, Julie, Pelletier, Joseph and Cameron, Lindsey (2015) Children's prosocial behavioural intentions towards outgroup members. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 33 (3). pp. 277-294. ISSN 0261-510X

Van de Vyver, Julie and Abrams, Dominic (2015) Testing the prosocial effectiveness of the prototypical moral emotions: elevation increases benevolent behaviors and outrage increases justice behaviors. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 58 . pp. 23-33. ISSN 0022-1031

Abrams, Dominic, Houston, Diane M., Van de Vyver, Julie and Vasiljevic, Milica (2015) Equality hypocrisy, inconsistency, and prejudice: the unequal application of the universal human right to equality. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 21 (1). pp. 28-46. ISSN 1078-1919

Abrams, Dominic, Palmer, Sally B., Rutland, Adam, Cameron, Lindsey and Van de Vyver, Julie (2014) Evaluations of and reasoning about normative and deviant ingroup and outgroup members: development of the black sheep effect. Developmental Psychology, 50 (1). pp. 258-270. ISSN 0012-1649

Book Section

Van de vyver, Julie and Abrams, Dominic (2017) Promoting third-party prosocial behaviour: the potential of moral emotions. In: Intergroup helping. Springer. ISBN 9783319530246

Abrams, Dominic, Powell, Claire, Palmer, Sally B. and Van de vyver, Julie (2017) Toward a contextualized social developmental account of children’s group dynamics: the developmental model of subjective group dynamics. In: The Wiley handbook of group processes in children and adolescents. Blackwell Handbooks of Developmental Psychology . John Wiley & Sons Ltd. ISBN 9781118773161

Van de Vyver, Julie, Travaglino, Giovanni, A., Vasiljevic, Milica and Abrams, Dominic (2015) The group and cultural context of restorative justice: a social psychological perspective. In: The psychology of restorative justice. Ashgate Publishing. ISBN 9781472455307

Paper or Report

Van de vyver, Julie and Abrams, Dominic (2017) Community connectedness through the arts. Discussion Paper. British Academy.

Broadwood, Jo, Bunting, Catherine, Andrews, Tom, Abrams, Dominic and Van de Vyver, Julie (2012) Arts and kindness. Discussion Paper. People United Publishing.


Van de Vyver, J., Houston, D., Abrams, D. and Vasiljevic, M. (2016) Boosting belligerence: how the July 7, 2005, London bombings affected liberals’ moral foundations and prejudice. [Dataset]

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