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Celli, Roberta, Wall, Mark J, Santolini, Ines, Vergassola, Matteo, Di Menna, Luisa, Mascio, Giada, Cannella, Milena, van Luijtelaar, Gilles, Pittaluga, Anna, Ciruela, Francisco, Bruno, Valeria, Nicoletti, Ferdinando and Ngomba, Richard T (2020) Pharmacological activation of mGlu5 receptors with the positive allosteric modulator, VU0360172 modulates thalamic GABAergic transmission. Neuropharmacology, 178 . p. 108240. ISSN 1873-7064

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Celli, Roberta, Santolini, Ines, Guiducci, Michela, van Luijtelaar, Gilles, Parisi, Pasquale, Striano, Pasquale, Gradini, Roberto, Battaglia, Giuseppe, Ngomba, Richard T. and Nicoletti, Ferdinando (2017) The Α2δ subunit and absence epilepsy: beyond calcium channels? Current Neuropharmacology, 15 . ISSN 1570-159X

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