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Chen, Lei, Fakiola, Michaela, Staines, Karen, Butter, Colin and Kaufman, Jim (2018) Functional Alleles of Chicken BG Genes, Members of the Butyrophilin Gene Family, in Peripheral T Cells. Frontiers in Immunology, 9 . p. 930. ISSN 1664-3224

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Al-Izki, Sarah, Pryce, Gareth, O'Neill, Janet K., Butter, Colin, Giovannoni, Gavin, Amor, Sandra and Baker, David (2012) Practical guide to the induction of relapsing progressive experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in the Biozzi ABH mouse. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders, 1 (1). pp. 29-38. ISSN 2211-0348

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