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Pinho, Mariana and Gaunt, Ruth (2019) Doing and undoing gender in male carer/female breadwinner families. Community, Work & Family . ISSN 1366-8803

Gaunt, Ruth (2019) Social psychological predictors of involvement in childcare: the mediating role of changes in women’s work patterns after childbirth. Community Work and Family, 22 (2). pp. 183-202. ISSN 1366-8803

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Rosenmann, Amir, Kaplan, Danny, Gaunt, Ruth, Pinho, Mariana and Guy, Mor (2018) Consumer masculinity ideology: conceptualization and initial findings on men's emerging body concerns. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 19 (2). pp. 257-272. ISSN 1524-9220

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Book Section

Pinho, Mariana and Gaunt, Ruth (2020) The Determinants of Paternal and Maternal Involvement in Childcare. In: Parental Involvement: Practices, Improvement Strategies and Challenges. Nova Science Publisher, pp. 115-141. ISBN 978-1-53616-828-0

Gaunt, Ruth (2009) The Role of Mothers’ Gender Ideologies and Essentialist Perceptions in Maternal Gatekeeping. In: Handbook on gender roles: Conflicts, attitudes and behaviors. Nova Science Publications, pp. 189-202. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Trope, Yaacov and Gaunt, Ruth (2003) Attribution and person perception. In: The SAGE Handbook of Social Psychology. Sage, pp. 190-208. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Trope, Yaacov and Gaunt, Ruth (1999) A dual-process model of overconfident attributional inferences. In: Dual-Process Theories in Social Psychology. Guilford Press, pp. 161-168. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Conference or Workshop contribution

Simmons, Laura, Law, Graham, Asghar, Zahid, Gaunt, Ruth and Siriwardena, Niro (2019) Understanding Sickness Absence in the Ambulance Service. In: 999EMS, 26-27 March 2018, University of Stirling.

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