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Book Section

Pfeffer, Karen (2005) Rural and urban children's understanding of safety and danger on the road. In: Traffic and Transport Psychology. Elsevier, London, pp. 27-36. ISBN 0080443796

Conference or Workshop contribution

Carroll, Valeria and Pfeffer, Karen (2017) Development of children's creative abilities (cross-cultural comparison): migrant children [1st and 2nd generation, Eastern European origin, Russian and British children]. In: European Congress of Psychology, 11-14 July, Amsterdam.

Carroll, Valeria and Pfeffer, Karen (2017) Dynamics of children's creative abilities (cross-cultural comparison: children in Russia and in the UK). In: 26th International Congress on Educational Sciences (ICES/UEBK 2017), 20 -23 April 2017, Antalya, Turkey.


Baswail, A., Allinson, L., Goddard, P. and Pfeffer, Karen (2019) Adolescents' road-crossing behaviour and mobile phone use [dataset]. [Dataset]

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