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Carter, Bob and Stevenson, Howard (2012) Teachers, workforce remodelling and the challenge to labour process analysis. Work, Employment and Society, 26 (3). pp. 481-496. ISSN 0950-0170

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Book Section

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Paper or Report

Stevenson, Howard, Crawford, Karin, Karran, Terence, Hicks, Leslie and Babuchowska, Paulina (2011) Evaluation of the Mayo Children's Initiative (phase I). Project Report. MCI.

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Conference or Workshop contribution

Crawford, Karin, Stevenson, Howard and Karran, Terence (2012) Working together to promote the rights of children affected by violence against women: an evaluative study. In: World Social Work Conference - Social Work Social Development 2012: Action and Impact, 8-12 July 2012, Stockholm, Sweden.

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Stevenson, Howard (2009) Union learning representatives as the organisers of ideas. In: Union Learning Representatives: challenges and opportunities, 3rd April, Congress House, TUC, London.

Book or Monograph

Stevenson, Howard, Bell, Les and Neary, Mike (2012) Towards teaching in public: reshaping the modern university. Continuum. ISBN 9781441124791, 1441124799

Stevenson, Howard (2009) Industrial relations in education: transforming the school workforce. Routledge. ISBN 9780415414548

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