Nanoencapsulation of Food Ingredients by Specialized Equipment

Volume 3 in the Nanoencapsulation in the Food Industry Series
Volume 3 in Nanoencapsulation in the Food Industry
2019, Pages 251-340
Nanoencapsulation of Food Ingredients by Specialized Equipment

Chapter Six - Production of food bioactive-loaded nanostructures by high-pressure homogenization


Bioactive ingredients are often incorporated in food products to increase their value beyond nutrition. However, their optimal incorporation requires a deep understanding of their solubility, stability against processing conditions and during storage, release after consumption, and efficacy towards target organs. The food industry has been benefitted from nanotechnology application in formulation of delivery systems. In this chapter, applications of high-pressure homogenization and formulate delivery systems are described. Moreover, a detailed discussion is given on bioactive-loaded nanostructures and their application to encapsulate bioactive molecules. The use of high-pressure technologies in the development of nanostructures and their application in the food industry could help to innovate new formulations and fabrication processes, aiming to provide added value to the novel and existing products.


Food bioactive compounds
High-pressure homogenization