2015/16 Successful projects

Info Project title Project lead School/Department

Building a Creative Network for communication and collaboration in College of Arts Tracey Means LSFM

Joining the Dots, (Sowing the Seeds of Future Prosperity): Creative Culture Pedagogy and Curriculum in School Brian Voce School of Architecture and Design

Housing with Care Design Guide: Lincolnshire Primali Paranagamage School of Architecture and Design

Informing and developing innovative education resources to support nursing students and colleagues raise safeguarding concerns: A collaboration between drama and nursing Aaron Smith School of Health and Social Care

Consulting learners on technologies for better teaching Jasper Shotts School of Health and Social Care

A student led project to develop standards for providing written online feedback: An appreciative inquiry Luke Knowles School of Health and Social Care

Capturing the University of Lincoln Inter-professional Education Journey Mark Brennan School of Pharmacy

Implementation and evaluation of PeerWise software for peer assessment and peer feedback purposes to enhance student experience of the Research methods module Valeria Carroll School of Health and Social Care

Investigating premature packing away behaviours in lecturers Rachel Bromnick School of Psychology

Student as Digital Producer Hanya Pielichaty Lincoln Business School

Evaluating the dichotomies of student engagement – “understanding the gap” within SSPS Katie Strudwick School of Social and Political Sciences

Key contacts Get in touch

Andy Hagyard
Senior Lecturer (Educational Development)

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