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Anthony S. Barnhart


Anthony “Tony” Barnhart received his Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Arizona State University in 2013, where he began his graduate career with the intention of being a language researcher. To this end, he has published research examining the processes underlying handwritten word perception, a domain that has been largely ignored by psychologists. However, Tony is also a part-time professional magician with over 20 years of performing experience. Magicians are informal cognitive scientists with their own hypotheses about the mind. Tony empirically tests these novel hypotheses and introduces magical methodologies into the laboratory to increase the ecological validity of experimental studies of attention and perception.

Natural Language & Speech Neuroscience Psychiatry & Psychology

Work details

Assistant Professor

Carthage College
August 2015
Department of Psychological Science


Northern Arizona University
August 2013 - May 2015
Department of Psychological Sciences


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