Tuesday 13th May – Sunday 25th May

ARTESCAPE Competition Winners Exhibition

The Artescape trust is a local Lincoln art charity that was set up in 1981 by Michael Patrick Gogan. For 21 years the trust offered two artescape fellows accommodation for a year rent free, culminating in an open day to display the work. This lasted for 20 years and there were 30 different artescape fellows who lived at the Artescape house. It has evolved since the death of Dr Gogan, with his daughters Annabel and Ingrid taking over as directors and creating an artescape trust that is now fully digitalised.

Michael Patrick Gogan passionately believed in the arts and thinking it was difficult to progress in this area wanted to help talented and hardworking artists, to give them extra opportunities to succeed with their art. The directors follow this ethos to facilitate newly qualified local art students. The original aim was to “enable and encourage Artescape fellows towards constructive creativity“which still applies today. Artescape supports creativity by offering local graduating or newly graduated art students space and resources towards realising their potential.

Artescape’s current venture is a competition for final year art students or newly qualified art graduates. The competition is to win a two week exhibition space at the Sam Scorer gallery in Lincoln, May 13-24th 2014, with a cash prize of £500 plus £100 towards exhibition expenses. It is a digital competition and students will be able to get details etc. from the artescape word blog The competition launched at the end of September 2013 with all entries in by the closing date of the 6th of December 2013. The winner will be informed by Friday the 20th of December 2013. No entry fee required, but the winning graduates will need to invigilate the exhibition for the duration of the exhibition.

SAM_2392 v2

Open daily 10am – 4pm

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